In this section I lay out my current point of view on causes, potential solutions and what success at addressing this challenge looks like.

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What does success look like?

There are many ways one might quantify progress in this area.  In my current view, the question of, “How do you know you’ve succeeded” is something that needs to be iterated upon as I learn more about the issue and contemplate it with those smarter & more experienced.

However, my current point of view is that in the abstract sense, there are certain behaviors we need to see more widely adopted in society, in this order of progression (meaning, if we only achieved #1, that would be a win. #2 would be a dream. #3, nirvana):

  1. Reduction in the degree to which we dismiss and demonize others simply because they have a different point of view.
  2. Increased curiosity about why others have a different point of view; an enthusiasm for wanting to understand.
  3. Increased support of the need for, and net benefit to all of us of, the existence of diverse viewpoints.

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Divisive partisanship is preventing us from accomplishing “jack.”

Americans’ propensity to quickly leap to negative prejudgements of ideological opponents poisons our ability to interact with the teammates we need to advance our personal and national goals.

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