Saturday the 30th, we’re inaugurating Hank’s new digs.

With special guest DJ Samsunshine “Netman” Levy from Santa Fe! (Actually we won’t even have a DJ, and if we did, Netman isn’t one.  But he sounds like one and is, in fact, jetting in from Santa Fe, so we’re going with that explanation.) Saturday, July 31, 6:30pm – 8:00pm ish Sunset Harbor North 1900 Sunset Harbor Dr, unit 2301 Miami Beach Arrival: Check in with the concierge in the lobby and they will buzz you up. Parking: We have paid valet parking at the lobby, or you can park on the street (cheaper) or in the city lot (cheapest) directly across the street, at 1900 Bay Rd. COVID: Masks required to enter my building.  Once in my apartment, most of us are fully vaxxed (tho not all), so we’ll be keeping breezy balcony doors windows open, or you can just congregate out there; I’ll bring you drinks. Speaking of drinks and stuff, we’ll have:
  • Hank’s growing-famous cocktails.  Probably Nick Adams and margaritas.
  • Hors d’oevres
Plus … a crazy-ass view of the ocean, the Bay and the Edgewater skyline. And we will solve at least one of the world’s problems.  Which one?  That’s the first problem. Looking forward to seeing you, Hank

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”Dreams are not real, but they can be made so.”

— Amy Chua, author of “Political Tribes,” professor, Yale U.

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