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      Spent all last week polishing off the details of the program, authoring the media and getting it reviewed by associates, trying to game out any scenarios & “gotchas” we hadn’t anticipated and then today … pushed the button.

      Honestly it’s a little scary. Very little idea how this is gonna go.

      But I know for certain we will learn, and that is the point.

      The initial phase of the program is limited to members of a Miami Beach residents Facebook Group. This is a large and very active group, full of opinionated people. And they are local to me, so if we make it to a phase involving in-person discussions, the audience will remain consistent. The initial phase involves ten minute Facebook Messenger sessions in which I listen to better understand their thoughts on various political topics.

      If you want to see the details of the program you can review them all, including a thorough FAQ, by visiting the e.pluribus.US Facebook page at

      It has taken many long years to get to this point. Imma go have a drink.

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