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      So I am a “start-up guy.” A Silicon Valley “start-up guy.” We understand that no matter how a first iteration of a product performs, we learn. As “Zuck” famously admonished, “Move fast, break things.”

      OK, so those are uplifting rationales for reporting that the first launch of LISTEN seems to have failed fabulously. FABULOUSLY! If you’re gonna fail, fail fabulously. Make a statement. 🙂

      To be more specific, we had a lot of impressions, an actually very high percent of click-throughs/engagements, but then no one signed up to participate in the program. However, that data itself is useful. And we did get several people engaged with both the content on the new @ePluribusUs Facebook page and this independent web site. So that’s a sign of life.

      Now we iterate. I’ve been debriefing what needs to change. Lots of ideas; working on it. Hope to launch iteration “dos” this week.

      But you know, at the very least, we now have an instrument through which to engage with the audience and begin to better understand them and how to engage with them. That is actually a pretty big step. Before we had only the ability to read other people’s engagement with the audience. Now we have our own channel for original source material.

      Separately I engaged with some “alternate-thinking” subjects face-to-face this weekend, learned several things and recorded them. So we have that going in parallel.

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