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      Project LISTEN is’ first program. Success will be learning more about (a) what are other’s differing viewpoints and what drives those perspectives and (b) what factors influence communication on controversial topics.

      Can we learn anything about how to more effectively listen to and share opinions? We hope so, but whether we do or not, even in failure we would be learning a great deal, even if only about what doesn’t work.

      And that is the true objective.

      One other experiment we’re undertaking is to post status updates on what we’re learning as we go through this. This is an experiment; if it becomes a distraction we may halt it. But we do think sharing what we’re learning may be helpful to others and in any case it will be useful to have a journal of the project.

      Project LISTEN is a baby step. And babies need to take that first step.

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      • This topic was modified 2 years, 8 months ago by Hank.
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