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      We wrapped up version 0.3 last month and it was a huge step forward; very pleased with the progress.

      A couple of big wins:

      • Achieved enough participation to reach a 10% margin of error in representing the opinions of the broad Miami Beach population (with some caveats), assuming a 95% confidence level.
      • Identified clear consensus around both the top-level question on if crime had worsened and the second-level question of what people believe is causing it.
      • Captured the attention of Miami Beach city leaders, with Commissioners, the City Manager and Police Chief all reviewing the results and the City Commission officially referring the survey results to committee for further deliberation.
      • Innovated a manner of measuring whether viewers of the Viewpoint Map were actually digging into the reasons people gave for their perspectives. Though this capability was not fully completed in this version 0.3, we gathered enough data to discover that not only were visitors digging in, they were considering opposing viewpoints. That. Is. HUGE. It means that not only are people engaged by our tool, it is causing them to engage specifically with opposing viewpoints, which is an ultimate goal of e.pluribus.US.

      For the next iteration, we’ve updated the tool to specifically measure the degree to which survey respondents subsequently review opposing viewpoints after completing the survey. Very excited about this.

      Also for the next, 0.4 iteration, we will finally be rolling out on a topic of nationwide relevance. Our intent is to deploy the survey into several local communities representing both geographic and ideological differences. So, for instance, we’ll be able to learn specifically _why_ Miami residents believe one thing, compared with _why_ San Francisco residents believe another.

      Lot to bring together in order to pull that off, but very excited to see what we learn!

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