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      Just a quick update, since I’ve neglected this journal for a few months due to being intensely focused on executing the latest phase. But it was worth it.

      We finished a large scale, randomized, controlled trial across five congressional districts in TX, OK and AR, in which we tested the latest iteration of a messaging campaign aimed at (to simplify) increasing public support for politicians willing to work with opponents to get things done. Preview of the outcome: the results strongly indicate the messaging works.

      We’ve written up a report on the results and it is currently in review by some of our academic partners. After incorporating their input we’ll release it.

      But the short story is:
      (A) We got the messaging launched and robustly tested (this was a long, hard slog, ugh).
      (B) In the end it seems to work, which is fantastic news, if perhaps just a start.

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