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      Just a quick check-in that we launched our next survey, using v0.3 of what we’ve learned so far about how to optimize this. Still a lot of optimizing to do.

      As for subject matter, this next iteration tackles another local issue, the crime in Miami Beach, which is generally publicly perceived to have increased. This notches up the controversy level a few more notches over the prior issue, so we are deliberately and gradually wading more deeply into controversial issues. You can see the Viewpoint Map here:

      This issue is also one that is structurally slightly different. The last issue had controversy around (a) whether to do something (binary) and then (b) why or why not (multi-variate). In this case there is little controversy on whether something need be done; it is instead a multi-variate issue around what that is. Anyway, maybe TMI, it’s just that we’re learning here how to fit the system to different scenarios.

      As for technical iterations, the main change is we added a non-Facebook option for collecting survey responses. The requirement for Facebook Messenger last time was limiting.

      Goal for the next and third issue is that it be one we can then extend to locales outside Miami Beach. ALready in this iteration we are seeing very dramatic differences between perspectives in Miami Beach and those simply directly across the bay in the city of Miami. So that’s actually pretty exciting, as it indicates we may be able to learn a lot when we extend this nationally.

      And that is indeed the goal.

      Okay, more updates later.

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