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      Just some updates.

      As a recap: if you’ve followed along, we launched with what we call “Phase 0.1,” in which the call to action was what one might call an “appeal to civic responsibility” around the objective of better understanding opposing viewpoints. That failed utterly at motivating engagement, which is somewhat humorous, but in and of itself a learning. Indeed, we did learn a lot out of that, which we harnessed in launching Phase 0.2 by leveraging the audience’s passion on a single, pre-existing topic. That succeeded at driving robust and quite illuminating engagement, from which we learned quite a bit more. We even attracted participation from multiple local leaders. We are now shutting down the Phase 0.2 survey and will be freezing its associated Viewpoint Map shortly, then publishing results to the various social media channels we engaged.

      I’m actually pleased with the outcome of Phase 0.2. We succeeded in generating engagement, captured a lot of useful data on perspectives around the issue, stirred up leadership inquiries and learned a great deal that we can leverage in Phase 0.3.

      And that’s where we will be shortly: iterating on the 0.2 learnings in preparation to launch Phase 0.3, which will be on one last, manageable local topic, before we graduate to a topic with national relevance. (Incidentally, if curious, we use the “0.x” convention to convey that we don’t think the tool has yet advanced to a full, “ready for prime time” release, which would be “Version 1.0”.)

      We made several updates to the tool during Phase 0.2. We’ll be making these additional updates for Phase 0.3:

      • The survey will better enable expression of compromise sentiment.
      • We’ll leverage the new ViewPoint Map, which includes some advances to enable more efficient review/digestion of the information and awareness that there are compromise positions (though we need more work on that aspect).
      • We’ll expand the survey platform beyond just Facebook Messenger. To date one can only respond through Messenger.

      We’re also gathering community feedback on the tool itself, its applicability, effectiveness and user experience.

      Finally, the topic for Phase 0.3 will be chosen by surveying several social media channels for opinion on what would be an appropriate topic. We have some candidates but are interested in community feedback on this, which might also help us enhance the degree of engagement.

      Theres’s actually quite a bit of work to get ready for Phase 0.3, so look for it to launch early September.

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