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      Last month we started developing Project INFLUENCE. This discussion forum is to provide updates on progress and what we are learning as part of this effort and solicit thoughts about that from the community.

      The main objective of project INFLUENCE is to assess whether it is possible to efficiently — through social media messaging — influence attitudes toward collaborating with opponents.

      In order to assess whether we can influence attitudes we of course need to be able to measure said attitudes. So the first step is to develop a method of doing so. Leveraging our methodological learnings from Project LISTEN, we’re testing various survey approaches, using multiple social media platforms and an array of geos representing populations across the political spectrum.

      Updates to come, as we learn.

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e.pluribus.US conceives of, builds and tests interventions to scalably improve public attitudes toward working with political opponents.

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Thoughts from across the aisle...

“You know, I went right at those things — guns, God, and Trump — and I was very moved by what I found there. I hope that people who watch the show will feel the same kind of empathy and respect, and will be able to walk in somebody else’s shoes, or imagine walking in somebody else’s shoes, for a few minutes in the same way that hopefully they do with one of my other shows.”

— Anthony Bourdain, on his “Parts Unknown” segment covering West Virginia

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