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      This forum carries ongoing updates on the progress of Project LISTEN and what we're learning from it. We would love any reactions, feedback, ideas, etc on what you see going on; simply post them here in the forum. Project LISTEN seeks to pro-actively engage with opposing viewpoints in somewhat structured settings across multiple media types with the objectives to:
      • Primarily: understand rationales supporting alternate viewpoints.
      • Learn communication styles used in these types of conversations and their associated characteristics
      • Test various methods of promoting productive exchange of ideas, including media-related differences (eg. written, audio, video, in-person)
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LISTEN scalably helps us understand why opponents think as they do.
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Divisive partisanship is preventing us from accomplishing “jack.”

Americans’ propensity to quickly leap to negative prejudgements of ideological opponents poisons our ability to interact with the teammates we need to advance our personal and national goals.

We’re going to fix that.

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“Candidates who listen to voters in the middle are more likely to reach across the aisle and to get things done.”

— Michael Bloomberg, former Mayor, NYC

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