Interesting reader reactions to recent posts

There were several thoughtful perspectives offered in reaction to my recent observation on how the coming, split congress offers renewed incentive for bipartisanship.

Carr predicts we’re in for two more years of gridlock.

“Pretend for a second that Nancy Pelosi and the Dems in the House even want to make deals. Who are they dealing with?”

But Carr concludes with multiple reasons he thinks that ultimately, “We’ll be fine.”

Meanwhile Jason heralds the need for the two sides to actually get business done for the nation, in a new discussion topic he created in our forum, 2018 Midterms – The D.C Bubble Cup.

“The “D.C Bubble Cup” is a sort of intermural softball game, where all that matters is beating the other side…. What this new bipartisan Congress should care about is going to bat for everyday Americans.”

Curious about your own thoughts; please join the conversation in either location.


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Thoughts from across the aisle...

“You know, I went right at those things — guns, God, and Trump — and I was very moved by what I found there. I hope that people who watch the show will feel the same kind of empathy and respect, and will be able to walk in somebody else’s shoes, or imagine walking in somebody else’s shoes, for a few minutes in the same way that hopefully they do with one of my other shows.”

— Anthony Bourdain, on his “Parts Unknown” segment covering West Virginia